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The Web Development team at AeroVision was tasked with redesigning and migrating a client's WordPress site to Webflow – while adhering to the requirements set by the client. By gathering sufficient information from the client, with minimal access from the initial site configuration, we created a site that resonates soundly with the client - giving them the new accessibility from their updated Content Management System.

The Process

By initially gathering the current media assets and access from the client, we could gauge the scope of work and proceed with the buildout process.  As the client provided extensive design inspiration, we created an agreed-on layout in minimal drafts - adding custom development code to provide the desired functionality.

The Goal

Our goal was to redesign the site with the functionality of the previous site. Furthermore, so that the client can easily make changes to their design - not provided in their prior site, we were tasked to migrate the site to Webflow along with new mockup parameters.

The End

We created a site and made the adjustments with ease through a few successive drafts and consistent correspondence. As Webflow didn't have the exact functionality from the previous site configuration, the team at AeroVision fine-tuned the new site with custom code to provide the client with the desired features.


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