Data Visualization

Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors

Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors
Data Engineer
Service Render:
Data Visualization, Data Engineering, and Project Management
Tools Used:
Power BI, Power Query

Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors (GTAR) contacted us to create a dashboard to automatically display membership data. Their existing process required repetitive work. They were manually exporting data from their membership API, creating quarterly Excel-based reports, and then distributing the reports to multiple stakeholders via email. In addition to the Excel reports, GTAR was using a third-party dashboard that they did not have the ability to modify. Our goal was to automate their Excel reporting process and remove their reliance on the third-party dashboard by providing a modifiable dashboard in a centralized location, that connects directly to the API.

The Process

This project for GTAR was a small one with a big impact! We knew that this one dashboard would bring enormous value to their organization and were thrilled to partner with them through the process.

Through this project, we worked through an interesting technical challenge: connecting the Power BI report directly to the API for automatic refreshing. We accomplished this by writing custom queries in Power Query. The queries authenticated against the API via OAuth, pulled paginated data until all data was gathered, and combined and parsed the data into tables. This was the most complex part of this project. The remaining dashboard development went very smoothly.

The Goal

Our goal was to replace the manual reporting process with a dashboard that would require little to no upkeep. We wanted to ensure the folks at GTAR did not have to manually create these reports ever again.

The End

We were able to create an impactful, concise PowerBI dashboard to replace the Excel-based and rigid third-party reports. We directly connected the PowerBI dashboard to the API in order to dynamically generate and refresh the data nightly. This one dashboard saved GTAR significant time and money spent on working reports.


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