Data Visualization


Aerovision built lightweight reports in Power BI (PBI) that display the company’s revenue, margin, and other financial metrics to show trends in growth and efficiency.


Report Development and Administration


Power BI, SharePoint


LABR is a staffing company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. LABR helps individuals connect with companies in various industries: landscaping, restaurants, construction, moving, and distribution. 


LABR needed an on-premise data gateway to connect PBI to their database. This is common: often data sources live behind firewalls or require drivers not installed on the PBI service. LABR opted to use personal gateways, instead of obtaining cloud infrastructure to support a company gateway. AeroVision walked LABR through setting up and using their personal gateways.

AeroVision developed a self-contained Power BI report that answers questions like these  in a few clicks:

  • What is our trending profit, are we growing?
  • What causes the margin to dip or spike during certain periods?
  • How is each customer and worker contributing to the margin?
  • How fast are we onboarding new workers and customers?

Ultimately, AeroVision helped LABR quickly take their first steps in becoming data-driven by delivering a compact, robust, inexpensive, and all-encompassing starter report.


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