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Prague Memorial Hospital

Cohesive Healthcare - Prague Memorial Hospital
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The Web Development team at AeroVision was tasked with designing and developing a WordPress website for a Critical-Access Hospital located in Prague, Oklahoma - under the name of Prague Regional Memorial Hospital. By doing diligent follow-ups, while getting approved by the internal team, the team at AeroVision created a website that resonates with the owners and clinicians of the hospital.

The Process

By basing the layout on the parent company's site, Cohesive Healthcare, we could create a site simply by providing the logo. With a captivating design on the home page, the internal pages followed the same structure, which allowed seamlessly connecting different aspects of the site. Further, to help scale the future updates, we created templates that can easily be updated across the site.

The Goal

Our goal was to create a new site that was a fresh take on the parent company's layout. By using a fresh color palette and thoughtful media selection, we were able to stay aligned with the parent company's branding while also making this entity unique in and of itself.

The End

Through diligent follow-up to help add the content in the right spots, we created a site that resonates with the client with very minimal successive drafts. The project's entirety went relatively smoothly by maintaining organization with the client, where we were able to create a site that is captivating to the users and provides the client with all the necessary tools from their CMS.


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